Korea Ski Resort

High1 Resort

High1 for Special

Located in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, the High 1 Ski Resort is a great vacation spot for families as well as a top resort for advanced skiiers. Several beginner slopes are located right next to the intermediate and advanced slopes, letting skiiers of varying levels ski together.
The High 1 Ski Resort is Korea’s most environmentally friendly resort and many of the native trees have been well-preserved. Resort planners hope to develop an all-season ecological tourist attraction, showcasing the region’s beautiful wild plants and trees throughout winter.
In addition to a topnotch skiing experience, visitors to the High1 Resort can enjoy a truly unique dining experience. Located 1,340 meters above sea level is a revolving restaurant, which offers an incredible panoramic view of no less than three different mountain ranges. The restaurant goes through one full rotation every hour, giving diners a complete view of the beautiful scenery of the region. The restaurant goes through a full turn every hour.
Other leisure facilities at the resort include a casino, golf course, sledding slopes, leisure sport facilities, and much more.