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High1 Resort

3Days 2Nights Package


  • High1 - Mountain Condominium & Casino Tour Package

    High1 Ski Resort offer the most fancy and morden style of rooms in luxurious condominium building. Mountain condominium is well known for skiers who is travelling with child, seni...

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  • Seoul -> High1 -> Busan

    Have you been to Yongpyong resort 3days 2nights package with Winterfriend already? Then, if you are looking for anther great ski package to different ski resort - High1 is highly ...



  • Gangwon Land Hotel with 2Days Ski Package

    CASINO Resort in KOREA. High 1 resort is recommended to skiers who love to travel with teenager child, friend group. Skiers who has upper level of skiing skills. There is also Ca...



  • Busan -> High1 resort -> Busan

    Is your international flight land to Busan ? and your departure city to ski resort is Busan not Seoul ? High1 resort is one of recommended ski resort where you can easily join ski...

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  • 3Days 2Night - Enjoy skiing at High1 Resort

    For one and half days enjoy skiing at High1 resort!



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